Purchasing Guidelines

The Food Science Department Financial Clerk, Leona Varga, provides purchasing support for faculty, staff and graduate students.

In order to ensure the correct and complete information for the order is communicated, an Order/Service Request Form needs to be completed.  For the most current form, please consult the forms page.

This form is used to ensure the following information is provided:

  • Vendor who will be providing the product or service (include current and complete contact information). 
  • For any international vendor, verify if they will ship to Canada.
  • Product catalogue number and description - indicate if unit is each, pack or case
  • All costs and any special conditions or requirements pertaining to the order or delivery
  • Attach any reference any quote provided by the vendor
  • Financial coding to be used for payment (grant or project number) 

Authorization by the grant holder or other financial authority as appropriate indicates that the cost and coding provided are approved.

Only complete and authorized orders can be processed.  

The Financial Services website includes more detail on University of Guelph policy and procurement methods and suppliers.  

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