Claiming Expenses for Reimbursement

The Food Science Department Financial Clerk, Leona Varga, provides expense claim support for faculty, staff and students. 

Travel and other expenses can be reimbursed by completing a Travel and Expense Claim.  Please note that claims are being processed through the new Concur system, whcih replaces the previous Expense Claim System (ECS)

If you are not able to log in to the system, please contact the Financial Clerk, to be given access. 

Help information is available on the Financial Services ECS Information page, including a first-time user guide, video tutorial, FAQ, tips, and detailed instruction manual.  Commonly used object codes are listed as well.

For small expenses of no more than $50 over a 2 week period, a Petty Cash claim can be made.  Submit your detailed receipt with the Petty Cash form complete with coding and appropriate financial authorization.  Petty Cash slips are available in room 114 of the main office.

If you are unable to provide the original receipt, complete the Missing Receipt Form

Additional details are available in the Financial Services Travel Policy & Procedure.