Future Students

Food science impacts every person

Food scientists fill the gap between the production of farm goods and the year-round delivery of food to the global consumer.  Food scientists apply the disciplines of chemistry, physics and microbiology to the processing and product development of safe and healthy foods. They are employed by all levels of the food-processing sector from entrepreneurial to multinational. Whether the products are fresh fruits, vegetables or meats, frozen foods, dairy products, cereals or beer and wine, food scientists have transformed these products from raw ingredients to consumer goods. All technical aspects of food, from processing and packaging to quality and safety, are the work of food scientists.  Develop new products, innovate healthy eating options and ensure food safety. 

The global population faces all sorts of challenges around the topic of food: production, nutrition, convenience and safety. This program is your opportunity to learn the skills you need to make an impact on people’s everyday lives and see the direct applications of your work.