Invoicing / Payment for Services

The Food Science Department Financial Clerk, Leona Varga, provides invoicing support for faculty and staff.


The Financial Clerk will deposit a cheque or cash to the financial coding provided.  The reason for the payment must also be provided for the deposit.  If depositing cash, provide a copy of a receipt of sale (total amount, tax allocation, item description, unit amount, department name, payee's name).


To send an invoice for payment of services provided by faculty or staff, a Department of Food Science Invoice Request Form is required (see attached below).  The completed request will require appropriate financial authorization and coding.

The Financial Clerk will generate an official invoice that is payable to the University of Guelph.  The invoice is a PDF file sent by email to the contacts indicated on the request form and to Treasury Operations.  If a refund is needed, notify the Financial Clerk who will process the request for a credit note from Treasury Operations.

For invoicing within the University of Guelph, the Invoice Request Form is required, but an invoice will not be generated.  Internal transfer of funds will be done based on the coding provided.

For more information, review the General Purpose Research Accounts: Guideline and Procedures.

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