Initiate a Payment

The Food Science Department Financial Clerk, Leona Varga, provides support for payment of non-payroll related expenses for faculty, staff and graduate students.  This would apply to items such as registration, reimbursement to external associate, visitor, or student group being sponsored by the department, or reimbursement to study participants. 

Financial Services processes non-payroll related payments when provided with: 

  • Supplier invoice - ensure that appropriate financial coding and authorizing signature are clearly indicated on the invoice 
  • Cheque Requisition can be completed by the Financial Clerk with supporting documents and authorization

For payments and reimbursements processed through Financial Services, the payment methods available are Cheque, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Wire Transfer.  For more information see Outgoing Payments.

The requester is responsible for providing the Financial Clerk with documentation, appropriate authorization and financial coding for the payment.

Complete recipient information is required to process payment requests:

  • recipient full name 
  • verified mailing address
  • email contact
  • bank information for Electronic Funds Transfer or Wire Transfer

If the payment request is for a group of individuals, such as study participants, list last name, first name, mailing address, and the amount per person (sorted alphabetically by last name).  Provide the total payment amount and provide financial coding and appropriate financial authorization.