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Wheels of cheese

Cheese Composition and Yield Control Sep.5-25

During this online 3-week course, participants will learn how to control composition and processing parameters to optimize yield and composition through online presentations, videos, practical exercises, online discussions, quizzes and thoughtful assignments.
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Rapid Microbiology: A Workshop for the Food Industry

Developed with support from Neogen, one of the foremost providers of rapid methods for the food, beverage and agriculture industries, this highly interactive hands-on workshop combines concepts with real-world applications. Participants will learn best practices in food microbiology testing including sample preparation and investigatory methods. In addition, you will have the opportunity to network and share best practices with other food safety professionals.
Sepia photo of mozzarella cheese making

Cheesmaker Master Class - Pasta Filata Cheese - June 13 - 15

During this 3-day course, participants will learn the scientific and technological principles of making pasta filata cheeses through lectures, discussions, and hands-on cheesemaking. Participants will learn abou the markets and varieties of pasta filata cheese, the ingredients and manufacturing processes, and how to control those processes to optimize yield and quality.
Cheesemaker grading racks of cheeses

Cheesemaker course: Cheese Ripening, Packaging and Grading

Non-fresh cheeses develop their sensory profile during ripening while ripening agents change cheese components based on curd composition, environment control, salting and surface treatments, and packaging to deliver a wide range of flavours, aromas, textures and appearance that define cheese quality. For two days, course participants will learn about ripening agents, cheese surface treatments such as coatings, ripening environments, changes that occur during ripening (texture, flavour, composition).
Small dish of hops

Beer brewing class - Jan. 28

Special class: Maximizing Hop flavour for Hazy IPAs Join us as we step through how to brew beer on a scale that you can replicate at home. Our beer-making classes provide an opportunity to get familiar with the ingredients and processes needed to make great beer, and they are designed to be hands-on so that you learn while doing. 

Commercial Ice Cream Science and Technology course 12/5-8

This course focuses on the science and technology of ingredient functionality and quality issues of commercial ice cream production, and is intended for mid to large-scale ice cream operations as well as suppliers and regulators wanting to understand ice cream processing at an in-depth level. The course consists of classroom lectures complemented with ice cream evaluation sessions and pilot-plant equipment demonstrations.
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19th annual Guelph Food Safety Seminars (GFSS) Symposium Session 4: How to Stretch your Food Dollar Safely Q&A Session

19th annual Guelph Food Safety Seminars (GFSS) Symposium Session 4: How to Stretch your Food Dollar Safely Q&A Session The GFSS introduced a Q&A session at last year’s Symposium. It was such a success, we decided to have one again! Our panel of experts will be on hand to answer your questions on how to make your food dollar go farther without compromising on food safety.
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19th annual Guelph Food Safety Seminars (GFSS) Symposium Session 2: Waste Not; Want Not: Food Diversion at Its Finest

19th annual Guelph Food Safety Seminars (GFSS) Symposium Session 2: Waste Not; Want Not: Food Diversion at Its Finest Speakers: Rescuing Food to Feed Communities Millions of pounds of good, nutritious food go to landfill every year in Canada, when it could instead be used to feed communities in need. In this session, you will learn to:

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