Chocolate Science Course

Melting chocolate

Enhance the quality and consistency of your chocolate

We have condesned our chocolate science course into a 2 day intensive wrokshop!. We explore the science behind crafting the perfect chocolate, from the initial bean selection to the final product. Through a combination of expert lectures and hands-on practice, you will

  • Learn about cocoa butter crystallization, and how to control it to master tempering chocolate.
  • Discover how roasting time and temperature influence the flavors of your chocolate.
  • Refine your ability to recognize subtle flavors and textures.
  • Understand the fermentation process, and how it contributes to the depth of flavor in chocolate.
  • Examine how the emulsifier impacts the final product and how to utilize it to your advantage.
Cocoa nibs being added

Who is this course for:

  • Professional chocolatiers and product developers interested in the scientific processes behind quality chocolate production
  • Entrepreneurs in the bean-to-bar industry seeking a comprehensive overview of cocoa processing
  • Serious chocolate enthusiasts who want to understand every aspect of their favourite indulgence

Sample topics covered:

  • How fermentation and roasting go hand in hand
  • How much is too much grinding?
  • Nutritional aspects of nibs and chocolate bars
  • Analytical techniques and chocolate tasting
Chocolate pouring into moulds

Next course: 

July 23-26

Includes all materials, parking, and lunches & coffee


Fernanda Peyronel (Svaikauskas)


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Cocoa pods Sample course outline (subject to change)

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