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New Dairy Chemistry & Microbiology course on Open Education

The new course in dairy chemistry and microbiology is opent to non-degree learners (through open education) as well as students in any Guelph Graduate program.   This course introduces the science behind milk production and composition and covers topics including: the chemistry and physics of milk fats, caseins, whey proteins, lactose, minerals, and minor components...

Online Ice Cream Technology course 11/7-30

Suitable for both commercial and artisanal ice cream producers, this course covers a complete range of topics, including mix manufacture, ice cream freezing, formulations for dairy and non-dairy products, formulation and overrun calculations, mix ingredients, ice cream flavours, sensory analyses and textural quality, microbiological quality, confection and novelty manufacture, and product development trends. This fully online course consists of three-weeks of self-study from including written materials, audio presentations and videos, along...

Chocolate Science Short Course, Nov. 15-18

Learn what it takes to create delectable chocolate from bean to bar. Learn the steps to create your own chocolate bar...

Commercial Ice Cream Science and Technology course 12/5-8

This course focuses on the science and technology of ingredient functionality and quality issues of commercial ice cream production, and is intended for mid to large-scale ice cream operations as well as suppliers and regulators wanting to understand ice cream processing at an in-depth level. The course consists of classroom lectures complemented with ice cream evaluation sessions and pilot-plant equipment demonstrations.

Artisanal Ice Cream Production course 12/13-14

Focusing on artisanal and small-scale ice cream production (batch mix-making, batch ice cream freezing), this course is ideal for small to mid-scale ice cream manufacturing or retail operations using batch processing equipment and others wanting to understand ice cream manufacture at a basic level. This in-person course consists of classroom lectures complimented with hands-on mix making and ice cream freezing in our pilot-plant.

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