Ice Cream Technology Short Course

Ice cream and waffle cones on marble background

Ice Cream Technology Short Courses

Held since 1914, the annual Ice Cream Technology Course is the only one of its kind in Canada. 

This intensive course provides participants with knowledge of the ingredients, processing and quality features of ice cream. Various sessions examine the technical points of ice cream manufacturing, with an emphasis on the quality of the finished product.

Next offering

February 18 - 21, 2025


Instructor - Professor Douglas Goff

Prof. Goff has taught this course annually since 1987 and also regularly teaches ice cream courses in Ireland and in Australia. He is recognized as a global expert in ice cream science and technology. See further details on his website linked above.

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For queries regarding in-house training or other educational opportunities, please contact Prof. Goff directly


Who Is the Course Designed For?

This course focuses on the science and technology of ingredients, formulations, processing, and quality issues of ice cream production. It is intended for those from either artisanal and small-scale processing or mid to large-scale ice cream operations - both scales of production are covered, as well as suppliers and regulators wanting to understand ice cream processing at an in-depth level.

Course Topics

  • Canadian and International Regulations
  • Mix Processing – batch and continuous: blending, pasteurization, homogenization, ageing.
  • The Freezing Process: theoretical aspects, batch and continuous freezer operation, and state-of-the-art ice cream processing equipment.
  • Milk Products: composition and processing
  • Mix Ingredients: fat and milk solids, sugars, stabilizers and emulsifiers.
  • Formulations for ice cream, gelato, and other dairy and non-dairy desserts.
  • Mix Formulation Calculations and Overrun Calculations
  • Ice Cream Flavours: vanilla and chocolate, fruits, nuts and confections
  • Novelty/Impulse Products – manufacture and formulations
  • Dairy Microbiology and Food Safety: plant sanitation, post-pasteurization contamination
  • Product sensory evaluation, Quality Control/Assurance
  • New Product Development; marketing trends.


Ice Cream  Edition: 7th, Authors: Goff, H. Douglas; Hartel, Richard W. is recommended but not required.  


Ice Cream eBook - free and online

We have developed a free online eBook that provides the basics of ice cream processing, formulations, ingredients and quality. Please see Ice Cream Technology eBook