Event Planning & Logistical Support

Planning a Symposium, Seminar, Short Course or Class

The Department of Food Science Faculty and Technical Staff have logistical support available to them for managing a variety of events such as symposiums, seminars, extension courses and classes.  These events will have been discussed in detail with the Chair and given approval to proceed. 

Once the event is approved, contact the Short Course Program Assistant to discuss your event.  A check-list will be reviewed with you to ensure all logistical aspects are considered and time-lines are established for activities.

The following is a general guide for what to consider when planning your course or event:

  • Establish who the audience is for the event, such as industry or professional groups 
  • Budget estimates for your expected overhead and material costs, including payroll for staff
  • Determine what financial support would be needed from the department or potential industry partners
  • Establish the registration fee and refund policy (if any)
  • Determine what information you will request / collect on your registration site
  • Consider if there is a maximum number of registrants based on the event activities or facilities
  • Communicate with any potential sponsors or investigate department or college funding opportunities
  • Review the proposed date(s) to ensure there are no conflicts with academic schedules or industry events
  • Consider what you will need for a venue, such as seating capacity, technical equipment available, layout options for any presentations or panels
  • Have an event outline in place that will not change significantly when commencing promotion and registration 
  • If you will be producing a course manual or other printed material, have the final PDF file available for printing two weeks before the event or sooner if possible

The Short Course Program Assistant will organize logistical support for your event, including:

  • Meet to review your event and help establish time-lines and track costs for budgeting purposes
  • Post the event information on the Food Science web page and social media 
  • Set up the registration site 
  • Manage communications for refunds and registration support
  • Provide registration reports 
  • Provide information for registrants on the event schedule as well as hotels, Red Car, maps / directions
  • Name tags and/or place cards for registrants and any guests, speakers, volunteers or staff
  • Organize a registration table
  • Organize and order Hospitality Services (lunches, breaks, full catering)
  • Book the facility (venue or room)
  • Assist with plans for any after hours events, book venues
  • Print hand-outs or manuals
  • Signage and directions on day of the event
  • Guest access to WiFi
  • Evaluation form for participant feedback