Graduate Faculty Resources

The University of Guelph Graduate Calendar is the primary reference for information for Graduate Faculty, Academic Staff, and Graduate Students.

Section II. General Regulations

  • This section includes university-wide policies on admission, registration, graduation, theses, fees and other subjects of importance to graduate students. 

Section III. General Information

  • Policy on Responsibility of Advisors, Advisory Committees and Graduate Students and Graduate Student-Advisor Mediation Procedures
  • Policy on Non-Academic Misconduct
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Policy and Procedures

Section IV. Degree Regulations

An online handbook of consolidated relevant resource material is valuable for all Graduate Faculty as well as Coordinators.  

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has information posted on the Faculty & Staff section of their website.  

The Graduate Calendar includes the schedule of dates by semester.

In supporting your graduate student, particularly newly arrived students, you may find the following links helpful in providing guidance:

  • The Office of Registrartial Services provides a central source of information of interest such as scholarships and financial resources, registration.  
  • The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies has a section of their website designed for new students as well as consolidated information for current students.

Video tutorials are available to provide information on the Admissions and Progress Committee and the Program Duration Policy, including the Plan of Study and appeals process.  Also covered are Leave of Absence, Thesis Defence Request and Appeal of a Negative A&P Decision.  Information is also available on financial aid and counselling.