Booking Food Science Rooms

Booking Rooms

The following rooms are available to book when not being used for academic programs:

  • Lecture room 128
  • Lecture room 241 
    • Fall and winter semester - Tuesday and Thursday
    • Fall and winter semester - Monday, Wednesday, Friday must be confirmed with Scheduling
    • Summer semester - Monday to Friday
  • Boardroom 220
  • Pearson meeting room 239 
  • Training room 246

The Academic Programs Assistant, Jon Abram, will book lecture rooms 128 and 241 if they are not already in use for academic programs.  

For other classrooms on campus, email

More information is provided by the Scheduling - Office of Registrarial Services - Reserving Classroom Space

Faculty have access to details of classrooms (login required) - Classroom Profile Listings

The Financial Clerk & Department Secretary, Leona Varga, will book boardroom 220, Peason meeting room 239, and training room 246.