Hiring Information for Faculty Supervisors

The Administrative Officer, Anne Ingram, provides support for hiring and payroll.  The following section provides resources and information to assist faculty supervisors with the hiring and payroll process.

Hiring Categories

Administrative Process

Research Personnel

The Faculty Supervisor who is posting the research position will review the Grant and Trust Standardized Job Classifications for an appropriate salary band and level for the position.

Postdoctoral Fellow

The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will process all "Offers of Employment" for incoming/extended postdoctoral fellows.  The process is detailed in the Appointment / Renewal Process guide.

Work Study Student

Refer to information on hiring provided by Student Financial Services Work Study Program.

Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA)

Refer to operational principles information provided by Student Financial Services Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA).

Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA)

Refer to information provided by Student Financial Services Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA).

Payroll / Completion of Hiring Process

Payroll information is collected on the Food Science - Employment / Visitor Information form to complete the hiring process and set up new personnel on payroll.  Please provide this information to Anne Ingram, Administrative Officer as soon as possible to allow expedient set up of new personnel.

New personnel can add/change/view their banking and personal contact information using the Human Resources Employee Self-Service Portal. Through this portal, you have access to make changes to your address and banking information. You are also able to access your electronic pay statement.

If you use the portal to change your banking information, you will receive a notification indicating on which pay date the new information will take effect.  Should you have any questions, please contact Human Resources at hr@uoguelph.ca or extension 53374.

New personnel set up will also include an offer letter, central login/email (if applicable) and access to the Timesheet & Attendance reporting system via the web page.

If an employee returns within 6 months from their last appointment, their banking information will still be active. They are not required to do anything unless their banking information has changed. If an employee is rehired after 6 months from their last appointment, the employee will be required to re-enter their banking information. The employee may log in to the Employee Self Portal to verify that their current banking information is on record.  After 6 months, the banking information is blank and therefore not set up for direct deposit.

Please note the section on additional requirements for international personnel. 

International - Additional Requirements

International personnel must provide a

  • Valid Study or Work Permit
  • Service Canada Letter for Temporary Social Insurance Number

Extending an Existing Appointment

One month in advance of the expected termination date of an employee, the Faculty Supervisor will receive an email reminder asking to confirm the termination date of the employee.  At this time, an extended termination date can be requested along with any change in Trust Fund.

A change to the termination date can be made at any time prior to the reminder by contacting Administrative Assistant, Anne Ingram with the extension information.  Any other updates of information for the employee can be made by completing a new Department of Food Science Employment/Visitor Information form and/or Payroll Direct Deposit Information form.

Extending Postdoctoral Fellow appointments

The extension of a Postdoctoral Fellow appointment requires the completion of a Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment form, with approval of the Chair, Dean, and the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies.  Any updates of payroll information for the Postdoctoral Fellow can be made by completing a new Department of Food Science Employment/Visitor Information form and Payroll Direct Deposit Information form.

Graduate Student Stipend

Please review the information posted under Current Students.

Training for New Personnel

Food Science Department Faculty are to verify all necessary training for staff, students or volunteers in their labs.  Support for providing training is available for health and safety as well as specific lab facilities and equipment.  Access to facilities / equipment is restricted to those who have completed safety training and relevant equipment training.