Safety Training for Staff, Students, and Visitors

Staff, students, and visitors doing research in the Department of Food Science or pilot plants are required to take the following online courses:

  • EHS WHMIS2015 
  • EHS Laboratory Safety  
  • EHS Worker Health and Safety awareness 

For level 2 labs or as needed -

  • EHS Bio-safety (Investigative Staff)

To access these courses, a University of Guelph login (email) account is required.  The courses are provided by Environmental Health and Safety:

When courses are completed, save a copy of each certificate and provide them to be forwarded to

The Departmental Safety Orientation (DSO) includes

  • University of Guelph lab safety 
  • Food Science Department safety 
  • Lab coat fitting

Lab orientations are required for each lab the participant will be working in, with corresponding signatures of lab supervisors required for each lab training session completed.  A copy of the signed DSO form and the safety course certificates must be available in each lab where training has been completed.  The original documents should be provided to Leona Varga, Food Science room 114 (main office) when you obtain relevant key(s) or swipe card access.   Keys or swipe card access can be arranged through email with

For ongoing training, request the original DSO form on file with Leona Varga and append updated training information and signatures. Ensure that a copy of the DSO is available in the additional lab(s) or facilities.