Summer Research Opportunity

Date and Time



University of Guelph
Food Science Department
Professor Alice Marciniak Lab


Tailor-making hybrid functional protein ingredients from dairy and plant side streams


Summary of the project:
The project aims to develop new knowledge on hybrid protein complex from dairy and
plant side streams. The student will conduct research experiments aiming at inducing
protein co-aggregation through processing, as well as collecting and analyzing data relative
to the physicochemical and functional properties.


To characterize physicochemical properties of food protein sources
To characterize the techno-functionality of protein ingredients
To carry out data processing and data analysis
To present research results and project progress
To plan research experiments
To work collaboratively with the research team members on related tasks


Interest for research
Basic knowledge on food chemistry
Capacity to work autonomously
Capacity for data analysis and synthesis and critical thinking
Ability to take initiative
Team spirit


Develop new knowledge about food chemistry, food analysis and food processing
Develop new skills in research management
Develop new skills in the development of research experiments
Gain experience in academic research
Be part of the development of a new research program


Start date: May 2, 2022
End date: Sept 2, 2022
Part-time: 20h/week
Salary: 15$/hr


Contact: Alice Marciniakamarcini@uoguelph.caFS224
Send your resume along with a brief letter of introduction at before Apr 8, 2022

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