Fresh Cheese

There are four principal types of acid coagulated fresh cheese: Cottage cheese (North American), Quark types such as Baker's cheese (European), Cream cheese, and heat-acid precipitated types including Paneer (India) and traditional Queso Blanco (Latin American). With some qualifications it can be said that these types are all made by acid coagulation of caseins rather than rennet coagulation. The qualifications are that small amounts of rennet are used to improve the texture of cottage cheese, and both Queso Blanco and Paneer manufacture employ the principle of heat-acid precipitation which includes whey proteins in the casein coagulum. Cottage cheese, quark and cream cheese are normally acidified by lactic fermentation while Paneer and traditional Queso Blanco are acidified by the addition of organic acids to hot milk. In modern commercial manufacture most Latin American white cheese is coagulated with rennet (with no culture addition) and consumed fresh.